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 A poor widow in Bapatla!

 Among all our activities in Bapatla, we got our eyes on this old widow who lived in a house of random planks, pieces of wood, clothing and plastic walls. They use to draw on the pavement outside the door and that is what she's doing here.    
 She has "built" a house on the outskirts of a bus station.
 This is the view we had from the balcony of our hotel room. We took a banana in a plastic bag and leave some money and threw it down to her. She was very happy and pointed up to heaven.
    From the backyard of our hotel.
   Soon afterwards she went and bought food. There were two young cyclists and they went to visit her. We think they probably got food for her which she then had to explain that we had given her money. For she pointed steadily up to us. But how can they let grandmother live like this? In all cases, they looked in many plastic bags for something, maybe an old bill which could be paid now?

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