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Aina Karin Jensen got this message from Pastor Femi Alabi.
Today September 28th, 2017 I got this message from Pastor Femi Alabi in New York and he could see my situation as it is today. I am so thankfull for this prophecy/prayer from him. Pastor Femi Alabi's Ministry is called: Bethel of Praise Ministries Inc. 

 You can find Pastor Femi Alabi's website by clicking on this link:
My very special one, beloved of God. I decree into your life that whosoever wants you dead shall go on your behalf. As the Bible says "whoever dig a pit shall themselves fall into it" (Ecclesiastes 10:8) Every attempt to push you far away from your goal shall draw you much closer to it. Any power that want you to take a wrong exit or a wrong detour in life, shall die by fire. I anull every near success syndrome in your life. I charge you to unleash your full potentials. God will put your fear in your enemies. You will be so blessed, that your enemies will come begging from you in Jesus mighty name.
Shalom Bethel!

On this picture is Pastor Alabi and his beautiful wife Philomena Alabi.
Aina Karin Jensen: Thank you so much. Can I put it up on our webpage?
Pastor Femi Alabi: Wao, Pls go ahead and bless others.

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