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Guided tour to Visakhapatnam in India!

We drove to Visakhapatnam on tour and it was great. Most of the pictures are from there, but also from Vizianagaram. 
We stayed at this hotel in Vizianagaram and as you can see, I washed some clothes here. Among them the white suit to my husband, which is hanging to dry over the bed. It was in this dress he rolled down the stairs outside the church in Orizza and I had to wash it. 

This is one of the five ladies in the room service at the hotell, who came in and cleaned the room.

This picture I took from the hotel room and out into the street. It was raining terrible that day.

In this picture can we see a man far down there who sell chickens. 

Today's dinner is bought alive and brought home alive. 

Nice yellow trees. 
See how it rains! There were rivers in many places in the street. 

Here we were shopping clothes and we got gifts, pictures of Jesus and Mary. To the left is our driver. 

The girls wanted to take pictures and guess if Roald liked this. It was such a pity that he was so plagued with eye inflammation. 

Look how beautiful roads it was here. 

Suddenly it began to be such a nice nature. It was almost as I began to feel at home here with some peaks and rugged terrain. 

In Visakhapatnam, we went home to someone and prayed for them. 

This is two of the Indian Gods, Siva and Parvathi. They are famous Gods in India, the husband and the wife. 

This is the entry gate to the mountain Kailisah giri! 


It was a train here as we could take to see the views around the top of the mountain! 

Poor Roald has inflammation in both of his eyes now. Here he sits with Madhu Manohar on the train.
This is the view over the town Visakhapatnam! 

Evangelist Roald Jensen sits and waits that the train will run. 
There were a number of gardeners who worked there. 
Bunch of bananas adorned along the road. 

We are standing on "Titanic"! 

Revivalist Madhu Manohar and Charlton.... he is working with Manohar for the last few years in Visakhapatnam. and Apostle Per Einar Jensen. 

In India, the God Siva Sankar (which means good name) is a symbol of a good hose and the all mighty .. 

The elephant is also one of the sons of God in India ..... His name is Ganapati ..... which is a symbol of the God ofeducation. 

It was a nice hotel.

We ate lunch with Charlton, Madhu Manohar and Roald Jensen. 

This is the garden outside the hotel. 

This is from a place near the beach called Bemili. This God stands for idols or big boys. He is the symbol of theIndian word Beemudu in India .... strengthen's God. 
You can have the beach for your self. Maybe I will one day be riding on this beach, who knows! 

The name on the fish market is Shipping Harbor! 

The fish was placed on the sidewalk to dry. 

The people were bathing and swimming in the dirty water. 

There was even a dead shark there. I do not know if it was a shark, but it was pretty big. 
Per Einar would take a picture with the guards outside a huge center. 


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