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Alf Johnny Rokstad was freed from the devils by the blood of Jesus Christ!


Alf Johnny Rokstad

Alf Jonny og Roald - Kopi

Alf Johnny Rokstad is a living testimony of God's victory! This is a strong testimony by Alf Johnny Rokstad from Porsgrunn who has been plagued by evil spirits almost his whole life.



Christians need more revelation and power from God. I do not understand other things that the spiritual world must live as it says in Psalm 115:17 "The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence." Do you think you get peace when they have gone to silence in the land of the death? They're still alive and as it is written, they do not praise the Lord. It has always been there and certainly you can be bothered. Day of Judgment has not yet been and nothing is settled.

I have a strong testimony by Alf Johnny Rokstad from Porsgrunn who has been plagued by evil spirits almost his whole life. He has been so hart molested that he has a bump on the back. He's like this crippled woman in Luke. 13:16 whom Satan bound for eighteen years before Jesus set her free.

We have prayed for Alf Johnny Rokstad many times. While Alf Johnny's mother lived, we often visited them and prayed for him for many years, and I felt so sorry that his life was to sit drugged in the bedroom. He is a living Christian and he perceive/sense the spiritual world. All that he saw and felt in his mind and body are absolutely terrible. Many years ago he was in real trouble and he could not take his head up. The head was hanging to the side, down on his shoulder and he could not raise it up. My husband Per Einar Jensen took him to the hospital, but they could not do more than giving him stronger tablets and he went home and he became better, little by little. It was evil spirits who played with him. I am not writing this to make people afraid, but they should understand that it is REAL. Where does the word of God come in?..... if we just shall look through the fingers with it? DO NOT BE SO BLIND THAT YOU STUMBLE OVER THE FLOWERS IN YOUR OWN CARPET. What is written in the Bible is the TRUE.

Today is Alf Johnny Rokstad so happy and joyful. He went on strong synthetic drugs and could not be without them for many, many years because the spiritual world talked so strange things to him. The same things happen to those who are in psychiatric hospitals. They hear the spiritual world and can feel them touching them and when they do not know what it is and what touches them is invisible, of course they are afraid.

I was also scared and I knew what it was and knew that it was just before I too went into a psychiatric hospital. I thought it was the end for me…. then came Jesus. The lovely and the strong Jesus. Alf Johnny Rokstad lived with his mother and he was mostly just in his room without TV or radio. He was delivered a few months ago and had to go to the doctor and tell him that he was dizzy in his head when he took the medication. The pills were too strong for him and he told the doctor the whole story. Today he can occasionally at night take a pill of the mildest one, to sleep for yet he can be a little scared. He is a completely different person and he praises the Lord for he is sat free. He says that it is through our prayers that the Lord has set him free. We thank you Lord for the joy that Alf Johnny show today and God bless him mighty.





Written of Aina Karin Jensen

With permission from Alf Johnny Rokstad!

Moss, September 25, 2014

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