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Anna Purna was nearly death!


December 14, 2012.

This picture is from today and today is Anna Purna as usual, bubbling and very much alive and always full of ideas and is quick to touch the mouse to my computer. Here she sits on the lap of my husband Per Einar Jensen and beside her sits her mother Laksmhi. It is quite strange because last night was Anna Purna in a coma and ice cold.

Anna Purna is six years old and she got injection at the school yesterday and she ended up in an unconscious condition. First they went to the temple with her and tried various Hindu rituals. But their God could not heal her.

I know the mother of the child quite well and I have prayed to God that it had to happen a miracle for them so they could see who Jesus Christ is. They had to bring Anna Purna to the hospital where they were half a day and where she got new injections. The same evening her mother, father, grandmother and neighbors came crying with Anna Purna to us. She was in a coma and was ice cold and she smelled incense. Suddenly I came to think of Prophet Elijah who lay on the boy to get life in him. I took the child in my arms and hold her lifeless body very hard until me. My husband poured oil in her hair and another lady also came and prayed for her.

This is to HONOR JESUS CHRIST ...... the miracle happened, she began to come to life. This was almost like it is written in the Bible: This sickness is not unto death, but to glorify God. The miracle was a witness to these Hindu people. This is just to share with you what God is doing here in India.

Regards from Aina and Per Einar Jensen.

Visakhapatnam, Desember 14th, 2012


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