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Anil Kumar Varansi and Surya Kala is born again and baptized in Vijayawada 30th August 2011.

 It is like to saw a seed and now it has to grow in fertile ground.

 Here we are going down to the river.

    Surya was pretty excited about what would happen and was nervous to go into the water

 Anil has a nervous stomach, and of course he had to go to toilet out in the wilderness. 

  Meanwhile, the rest of us went down to the riverbank.


  There was a peaceful atmosphere and a man invited us into the river while people where washing their cloths.

      My husband wanted me to join him in the water and baptize them. 

    Pastor Devarapalli Raju went into the river and preached to the people with the river.

 First they had to hear some words about babtism.
    Apostle and Prophet Per Einar Jensen
    They look quite thoughtful with the seriousness it is to be baptized.  
 When my husband was ready and preach for them, he said we should go down quickly in water. 
.........and here comes Anil. 
  Anil was baptized after Acts 2:38. 
  Anil took off a ribbon that he got when he was 12 years old. This is done for those of high caste. He had to fast for five days and pray to other gods, to get this ribbon. I did not know what it was and I took it in my hand and the pastors shouted out; throw it away, throw it away..., which I did. I am learning a lot about their culture.
   Surya was pretty excited about how it would be to be baptized. She was a little afraid to go into the water. I wanted to swim out in the lovely water.
 When she was baptized she wanted to do it again. She was happy and all the anxiety was gone.
 Mammy, Surya, Daddy and Anil!
  Pastor Suresh Babu had the flu, but he was in a good mood.

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