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Baptism to Pastor Anando Rao in Bapatla.
He who believes and is baptized shall be saved.
We have had a new baptism again in Bapatla. Apostle Per Einar Jensen wanted I should be with him to baptize
I checked well sothe whole bodywouldbe underwater becausewe do not dripsa fewwater dropsherein this yard.
My wife and I baptized four people in Bapatla. All the glory to God.
I want to break the tradition in India. Jesus hated traditions, because we shall be led by the Holy Spirit. Pastors say that women should not give baptism, my wife is a very strong woman with many gifts to help people. She fasted twice for 40 days and nights and once for 50 days and nights, just drinking. God uses us, and we are like a hand in a glove. Women have services in the Body of Christ, see Joel 2:28.

Thank God for your wife, for she is a helper. I also hate traditions. The body of Christ is the body of men and women, and God uses all its limbs. Only one is the head of the body of Christ, and His name is Jesus Christ. I love him.
Love in Christ from Dr. Per Einar Jensen
Meeting to Pastor Anand 9.9.2012 336
I became quite eager...
 Here we are waiting for more people who wished tobe baptized.

Naveen is helping to take care of us.
   Yes, then it was to go up with wet, white transparent clothes....., but I have learnt to next time........
 Per Einar began to pray for those who were baptized.
I hurried up to the autoricha and took the towel around me.
Everyone was excited and happy for him who believes and is baptized shall be saved.
 Our autoricha driver.
Written October 5, 2012 

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