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Evangelist Tor Egil Nilsens vision.



Evangelist Tor Egil Nilsen

During the winter of 1995, we gathered in the home to Roald and Lovise Jensen together with Hilda Markussen, Nelly Myrvold, Ester Eriksen and me.

We called to Per Einar Jensen and he prayed for us who were gathered in a circle. Per Einar could see the Holy Spirits fire over the house and a powerful force was present and we all fell in the power of the Lord. Per Einar said Jesus Christ would come down to me in a vision. Not many days after, I lay in my bed on the attic when Jesus manifested himself for me in the attic window. I went down into the bedroom and listened to Odell Federicks music cassets and strengthen me.

When I later went on the attic again, I asked if it was Jesus or the devil. Then I saw the lion of Judah tribe, and Jesus came out of the window. Everything as I asked Jesus about, I got the answers. Jesus attended when I red in the Bible. God showed me as stated in Revelation1:1-20. God showed me the abyss and a lot of sparkle and finery.. Jesus teached me around a rectangular table with only the face of the figures sitting around, I did not see their bodies.

God showed me the stable. It was roof with ridge at the stables. I saw the crib were Jesus was in and I asked about John the Baptist, and he showed me John the Baptist was beheaded.  I got to see Calvary and Jesus who bore some of the cross with outstretched arms. I also saw Simon of Cyrene, who carried on the cross and I saw a barrel or something like that rolled out in front of Jesus.

Everything as he showed me was as a vision or film. I said to Jesus, cleanse me as you deed with the lepers, and I felt his nail marks in both my hands and feet and I felt as I was crucified with Jesus. He also showed me when he was crowned of thorns and as the king with the sword.

I also asked about the ministry to Per Einar Jensen and about the calling for North Norway. Then came Per Einar Jensen and Jesus out of the window: Per Einar had suit, white shirt and tie and went more and more with Jesus. I told Jesus not to leave me and he does not leave me, I can see him every day.

The day after I had this vision, I called to Per Einar Jensen and told him what I had seen. He was a bit depressed that day, but he was so happy and appreciated.

I, Tor Egil Nilsen will point out through the message that the Lord speaks through Per Einar Jensen; "it is I who speaks through my prophet," saith the Lord. I would also point out Per Einar Jensen has an apostle and prophet service which God has given him. This is not bragging, but it is truth.


Tor Egil Nilsen

Written 28 January 2010 


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