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From one of Singh's meetings in the heaven!
From Sadu Sundar Singhs book. 



One day when I prayed in private, I found myself suddenly surrounded by a large crowd of spiritual beings. Yes, I must also say the moment my spiritual eyes opened for it, I found myself kneeling among a significant number of saints and angels. At first I felt in a certain way ashamed to see their bright and glorious state, compared to my own far less nature. I was however immediately reassured by the sympathy and the love whitch went forth from them.

I had already experienced the peace who comes with the presence of God in my life, but the community with these sanctify supplied me a new and wondrous joy. During our conversation, they gave me answers to my questions about the more difficult questions as I could not clear.

My first question concerned what happens in the moment of death, and in whitch state is the soul after death. I said, "we know what is happening to us in our time between childhood and old age, but we know nothing about what happens at death or behind the doors of death. Actual knowledge of it can only possess those who have come over on the other side of life and are passed into the spirit world. Can you, I asked, give us some information about this? "

One of the Saints responded to this: "It is with death as with sleep. There is no pain in the transition from life to death, except in cases where it is due to physical illness or certain mental disorders. Just as to be exhausted, overwhelmed by the deep sleep, so comes the death sleep of man. For many, death comes so suddenly, the soul reaches with difficulty that it has left the material world and is entered in the spirit world. Confused over and see the many new and beautiful things around them, imagine themselves have come to some unknown country or foreign city in the physical world. Only after further instruction they realize their spiritual body is different from your earthly body and allows for themselves that they really are transferred from the material world to the spirit world."

Another of the Saints gave the following additional responses to my questions, the general is, the body gradually loses the sense of the ability of death. It feels no pain, but simply overwhelmed by an urge to sleep. At times, the soul leaves the body while it is without consciousness, such as the great bodily weakness or an accident. In such cases, the people who previously lived without any thought about or preparation for and enter into the spirit world, exceedingly become confused and be in great need of such a sudden be moved to the spirit world. They must, therefore, in shorter or longer hours be in the intermediate state.

The spirits who reside on the lower step bothers people here on earth, are incapable two harm others than those whose state of mind is equal to their own, those of their own free will shutter their souls up for them. These demons would, by uniting with other evil spirits, cause unspeakable harm in the world if God did not, everywhere had set apart count less angels of protection for his people and his creation. His people are always safe under his protection. Evil spirits can only harm those with similar natures, and even only to a limited extent.

Well, they may also afflict the righteous, but only with Gods permission. At times God really allows Satan and his angels two tempt and persecute Gods children, so they may come out of the ordeal stronger and better. Thus acted God when he allowed Satan and persecute his servant Job. But such a trial is for the believer rather a gain than a loss.

Another of the Saints added in answer to my question: "Many of them, whose lives have been dedicated to God, apparently unconscious when they die, but what is really happening is that they are speechless and paralyzed by fear to see themselves surrounded by evil spirits awful and devilish faces. To this is the believer's death, often in the sharpest contrast. The believer is in the moment of death excessive happy because he sees the angels and the redeemed souls come to invite and welcomed him. Besides, it allowed his deceased loved ones will come to his death bed and accompany his soul to the spirit world. When he comes in there, he is immediately at home, not alone is his friends with him, but he has also himself, while he was in the world, made himself ready to go into his eternal home by his faith and his community with God .

Yet, one of the saints answered, saying: "It is the work two angels accompany the souls of the world. It is customary, that Christ, reveal himself in spirit, the world to the individual soul in a delightful glory, corresponding to each stage of development. However, there are cases in which Christ himself comes to the death bed two bid his servant welcome, and with love dries off his tears and leads him to Paradise. Just as the newborn child will find it suitable for their needs, thus can also find the soul of his entry into the spiritual world, all prepared to meet its needs.

 Written of Aina Karin Jensen

October 13th, 2007.

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