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Gunn Torill Stenhaug was baptized May 27th, 2012!

After Matthew 28:19 and Acts 2:38! 


We drove around to find the perfect place for Gunn Torill's day of baptizme. We enjoyed the view from the bridge, while we waited for the sailing boats to go under the bridge.. 

We found this nice place for swimming in the creek of Vikane completely empty of people. 

Come an Gunn Torill.

Here is Apostle Per Einar Jensen getting ready.


Roald Jensen came down with a towel to Gunn Torill Stenhaug.

 Per Einar was reading from the Bible in Acts 8:36, 37, 38.

 Gunn Torill toke off her glasses and Per Einar put those in the breast pocket. But when he bends to baptize her, they fall into the sea. Roald Jensen tried to look for them.


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