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He who ever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant, says Sadhu Sundar Singh!


Our deceased relatives and loved ones, and sometimes even the blessed Saints, often comes to us from the invisible world and help and protect us. The angels come, however at all times. They have however never been allowed to reveal themselves to mankind exceptions in a few cases where there was particular need of emergency. Of ways we do not know, they affect us to holy thoughts, inspire us and want us to serve God and do well, and God's spirit lives in our hearts, completing the work and perfect make our spiritual lives as they have not been able to complete.    

Nobody's greatness depends on the knowledge he possesses, or the position he occupies. Nor can any of these things alone be great. A human being is just as great as the success for him to be of help to others and the benefit of his life can be for others, depends on the service he provides them. Therefore, measured a man's greatness just by how far the success he is and has served others. As the Lord has said: He who ever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. Matt. 20.26. The heavenly pleasures consist precisely in this as they serve one another in love. As they are fulfilling the provision of their lives, they stay in the eternal communion with God. When people really want to live a life pleasing to God, begin right management of their thoughts and opinions as well as the renewal of their lives already in this world. Not only instruct God's spirit them directly, but in the heart hidden deep helped the adjusting through the communion of saints. Here in the sacred is always at hand, for unseen by the faithful to help towards the good.

But the many faithful Christians, as well as not believers of Christians does die, while they still are in delusion, or one-sided views of the truth, will these opinions, be directed in the spiritual world, but a prerequisite is that they persistently make themselves one with their opinions, but is willing and let them teach, for neither in this world or the world to come, will God or any of his servants force a person to faith in spite of their own free will.

I saw in a vision an idolater whitch as soon as he came to the spirit world, began searching for the God he had worshiped in the world. The saints said to him: There is no other God than the one true God and Christ, in whom he has revealed himself. The person was amazed to hear this, but when he sincerely was seeking the truth, he openly confessed he had been wrong. He searched with diligence and learned the real truth to know and asked if he could see Christ. Shortly after Christ appeared to him in a dim light, and for anyone else who recently had come to the spirit world. On their stage of development, they could namely not have endured a full revelation of His glory. This is so overwhelming, even angels can with great difficulty, sight His glory, and they cover their faces with their wings. Isaiah 6.2 When Christ reveals himself for the souls; he takes account to the specific degree in the particular development has been reached. He reveals himself therefore in dim or brighter glory brightness so the souls can tolerate it.

When these souls could see Christ in this dark, yet attractive light, filled with the joy and peace whitch cannot possibly be described.Bathing in his life-giving rays, and over washed by the waves of love as continually poured out from him and over them, washed away all their mistakes. Of all their hearts, confessed the truth to him and found salvation and bowed to him with thanks and price in humble adoration. Also the Saints, if the recruits had been prepared to help them, enjoyed them.

I saw in a vision, a worker come to the spirit world. He was in great distress. All his life he had only thought about to earn a living.He had always been too busy even to think of God or spiritual things. At the same time he died, another one also a stubbornly denies. They were both ordered and will be a long time in a dark place deep in the spirit world. In their distress they both began to shout for deliverance. Both angels and some Saints went in love and compassion down to them to advise them on how they could get into the glory and the kingdom of light. But despite the distress they were in preferring, like so many other spirits to be in their dark place to stay. Their sin had crippled their whole nature and character, so they doubted everything. Even the angels who came to help them, they looked at with suspicion. As I watched this, I thought with wonder of what the end would be for them. But when I asked one of the saints, was the only response I got: "Let's leave them to God's mercy."

Of this we can clearly understand how spoilt a person's nature can be. If an evil rumor spread about a person, this reputation, even if it is false, will as soon be believed by those whose minds and look at life is crippled by sin. But if something good and perfect truth is told about a person, such as it is a pious man who has done this or that ministry to the glory of God and the next’s best, so will the evil man at once say: It's all a lie. He has done it with some ulterior motive. We ask him how he knows that the first is truth and the other is a lie, and what evidence he has for it, he will not have any evidence for it. One such state of mind teaches us whitch the sin condemnation minds will believe the evil that is said, because it matches his heart's malice. It is quite natural that a good man's position is the opposite. He is naturally prepared and doubts the evil to have faith in the good. It matches best with his own being.Those here on earth who lives in conflict with God's will, will not find the heart of peace, neither in this nor in the world to come.When they come into the spiritual world, they will feel confused and anxious. But those who live here in accordance with the Lord’s, will feel safe when they arrive at the intended world and there will be filled with unspeakable joy. There is where their eternal home and their Father's kingdom are.

From Sadhu Sundar Singhs book -

October 10th, 2007
by Aina karin Jensen

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