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interview with per einar jensen in the newspaper tidens Krav, April 7th, 2012. 


Translated from the newspaper Tidens Krav from Kristiansund, Norway.

Newstalk with Per Einar Jensen (67) for many, better known as Miracle-Jensen, has over 40 years been healing in Jesus' name. Now he will receive honorary doctorate from a Bible University in India.
FREDRIKSTAD: Per Einar Jensen has aroused both faith and fury. Miracle-Jensen is a healer, prophet and evangelist. Now with 67 years old, who ran away from school in fifth grade, has got an honorary doctorate in India. The transition from the raw years of youth is a miracle in itself. The most important moment in Per Einar Jensen's life happened an afternoon in the spring of 1966. He was 22 years old, hangover and sore from a fight the night before. Actually he should have been in Gjemnes with two friends to rob a post office, but the opportunity to do that,he had drunk away. A tired Per Einar Jensen trudged along the Stabbur Street at Innlandet, to the ferry boat "Sundbåten", which he hoped he could sneak on board up to Kirkelandet to get more to drink. Something came over me, I thought it was a hallucination, but I felt really loved, and heard a voice saying: "My son! Give me your heart!". And it was Jesus himself, tells Miracle-Jensen.
22-year-old Jensen did not know what to do, but he had a friend who had seen the light earlier and who lived in the mission house in Kirkelandet. I had mocked him when he was saved, but now I had to call him, says the 67-year-old. Jensen came to Kirkelandet, to the mission house, and was prayed for. This day, turned the life upside down to the young sailor, fought with the giant and the boozer. The bottle has he put away for good. He had a calling, I was a fisherman, but yet I did not know that I, like Peter in the Bible would become a fisher of men, he said.

Rootless and heavy.

Jensen lives in a rented house with his wife and a saved friend in Fredrikstad. The 67-year-old has no figures on how many times he has moved. I have lived both in Innlandet, Frei, in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Lillestrøm, Oslo, Tromsø, Manndal and Sweden. One month I lived in Molde, in a prison cell, he said. At that time, he was driving drunk on a motorcycle and that sent Jensen behind the doors in prison. I was going to take my life, a love affair was the reason, he said.

Several times throughout his life, both before and after he was saved, his thoughts turned to death. When he was turned personal bankruptcy at the years 2000 - Jensen's went into a special tough time. The debt restructuring deprived him both the ability to have insurance and car, and the eager amcar enthusiast took it heavily. I received disability benefits, completely broken, and disease came and there were so many tragedies .....

During short time, Per Einar Jensen was diagnosed with cancer in the bladder, urethra and prostate. The health dwindled and once again, he began to think about taking his own life. I felt I had nothing to live for, and started giving away my stuff. But God healed me; I called a friend in the North, who said she had seen a vision of two hands that lay across my stomach. I fell into bed, and trembled and shaked, and with the next visit to the doctor, they found the cancer was gone. It was a miracle, he said.

Miracle Maker.
The miracles have, according to Jensen himself, followed him since the fateful day in 1966, when Jesus came down to the Stabburs Street. Miracle Jensen explains his story with a Bible quote. See: “The crippled gets up and running. Look! The blind will see again!” For several hundreds of various meetings, hour after hour on the phone and personal visits, Jensen says that he has helped thousands of people through Jesus Christ. The 67-year-old says that he once even raised a man from the dead. His name is Jostein and he lived in Bodø. I was not with him, but his son came and asked us to help his father. All the signs of life had stopped, and the man was dead. But we prayed and he got his life back. Jostein told afterwards that he had gone out of his body, says Jensen.
Even the diseases which have devastated him have gone away in an inexplicable way, says Jensen. Cancer, diabetes and chronic B12 deficiency is leaving after fasting and prayer and laying on of hands. At the age of 67 years tells Jensen that he has never felt younger. Miracle Jensen, you know, he wondered, and smiles.
Being Miracle Jensen may have its advantages, he tells himself. When he and some friends who stood outside in the coldness one night, locked-out of a friend's car, Jensen received help from above to get into the car. The whole bunch of keys had been tried several times, but when Miracle Jensen raised a key and asked for divine help, solved it all. The key could easily be turn on and the door opened up miraculously.
When Amcar Association in Mo i Rana, where Jensen for a time was board member, would have an exhibition, he provided that not a drop of rain fell, although the rain clouds were heavy and dark over the polished cars. The car owners in the Amcar club were delighted, but Miracle Jensen says that he has not only been good received when he has been out with his miracles. I'm surprised by the adversity I have received from religious people. Nowadays it is common with the laying on of hands and healing, but when I started, it was no acceptance. I've been called a false prophet and quack doctor and Beelzebub, he said. The priests may have the church in their back, but I have God, I can love my enemies, and I do not like a proscribing religion! exclaims Jensen powerful, and clenches his fist.

Doctor divine.

Miracle Jensen says he has always done his miracles for free. At first he earned his living as a fisherman and warehouse worker. Later he paid the bills with his disability, but the conditions were too tight, and healing for free was not well received in the environment of paid healers. Furthermore, it was expensive to travel throughout the country in gas-guzzling American cars, and stay in hotels, so Jensen decided to charge for keeping the ministry running.
I started taking 300 crones for an appointment and I went up to 500. For ten years I was on the telemarket, says Jensen. But the revenue from the telemarket came with a bitter aftertaste, and now Miracle Jensen stopped taking paid over the phone. Both Per Einar and the wife Aina Karin Jensen relies on voluntary donations to help others.
Otherwise, we manage on my pension, says Jensen. The couple has good experience in fasting, which means both healing and financial miracles. When TK visited Miracle-Jensen and his wife in Fredrikstad, they are today in 39 of a 40-days fasting. Already, the couple has received enough money that the two can travel to India to receive each theirs honorary doctorate from a Bible University in Visakhapatnam.
The many meetings and miracles as the couple Jensen has participated in, down on the subcontinent, has caught the attention from believers. ICM Bible Collage does not have their own webpage, but they are under the University of Hyderabad, looked at the couple Jensen’s website; www.mirakeljensen.com, and made good impression so Miracle-Jensen was considered for the title of honorary doctor. They were very impressed by our website, and documents were signed immediately, Jensen says proudly.

The Apostle for India!

Since the first trip to India in 2009, the popularity of the subcontinent increased dramatically. The couple company Miracle Jensen Healing Ministries pays 22 pastors in 22 churches, but Miracle Jensen says that although the firm cannot pay more priests, he has received many requests from priests who want to be associated with the Norwegian Prophet Miracle Jensen.

Once the couple is doing well after the 40-day-long fast, they are planning to apply for a visa for 5 years to India. For 2 years ago, tells the Miracle Jensen, he heard a voice telling him to be an apostle for the country. I started crying and told Aina of the calling. She agreed with it at once, says Jensen and puts his arm affectionately about his wife.


The most important thing on earth.

After meeting with Jesus in the Stabbur Street, Jensen is telling that the meeting with his wife is the most important thing that has happened, he said. Aina Karin had even a healing practice and came to him with a bad back. Although Miracle Jensen failed to heal her back, she took her mum to the man from Kristiansund and asked him for healing of a foot that was shorter than the other. He prayed, and my mother was cured in front of my eyes, says Aina Karin Jensen.
The couple married in Kristiansund Courthouse, and lived together first on Innlandet and later they have moved eight times. Miracle Jensen says his wife is the most important person on earth for him, and it is her who is the brain behind the couple's company. I'm just the frontman, or mascot as they say, laughing Jensen.
It was Aina Karin Jensen's involvement in Indian orphanage homes which did that the pair went down to the subcontinent. There, she helps her husband with the English and interpret for him at meetings. I have my English-Norwegian, says Miracle Jensen with a smile. One day his wife was ill, he had to depend on his Norwegian-English to people with a variety of Indian pastors. Miraculously, Jensen made himself understood. But preaching in India and Africa has posed both challenges and dangers. The couple has among other things, preach widely in the Indian state of Orissa, where Christians have been persecuted, had their homes where burned and many are also killed for their faith in Jesus. I am not afraid. God is watching over us, says Per Einar Jensen determined.
Last visit to India ended in malaria, and both he and his wife have experienced being cheated on several occasions. At a prayer meeting in Orissa, the couple got to know that anti-Christian provocateurs tried to sneak in to make mischief, and although the meeting went peacefully, Jensen and other ministers risking constant religiously motivated attacks in India. Hinduism is a peaceful religion, but I've had friends and colleagues, who have been killed, say Jensen. Less serious challenges, he has overcome, as when he stumbled in his white suit on the way to a meeting recently in Orissa in India, and rolled down through a soil slope. I had to clip my arm to battle with the laughter when we came into the church at that particular meeting, telling his wife with a smile.



The couple has no biological children but speaks warmly of their saved children. One of the couple's saved friends, Roald Jensen, lives with them in Fredrikstad. He moved from the northern Norway to help Miracle Jensen in the service, and to watch the house when they are traveling.
The couple also has many Indian children, especially the married couple Anil and Surya, they talk passionately about them. Aina Karin Jensen has a son from a previous marriage with her late husband, and Per Einar has both a son and a daughter with his late wife. The son lives in Kristiansund, while her daughter lives in Trondheim, Nord Trøndelag. He says that family relationship is quite normal with children who are preoccupied. Jensen admits that they are not convinced of his father's abilities. They are probably a little pooh, pooh when it comes to that, says Miracle Jensen. Although he believes that they do not quite know what his father does, but healing by prayer is something that many do not understand.
The parents who keep sick children from receiving medical care because they believe in the power of healing; I do have little understanding for them, say Jensen. It is the parent’s responsibility to get the child to hospital. The doctor has the necessary training. It is God who does miracles, but one must not be arrogant or overbearing, says Jensen.
Children are important for the couple Jensen. In India and Pakistan, they have built orphanage homes, and the prayers are directed often against these small ones. Per Einar, he had a tough childhood. The man from Kristiansund says he suffers from dyslexia and the school attendance at Innlandet was painful and hard as he struggled with words. I was bullied by other children and teachers were no better. A woodwork teacher I had, struck me so hart in the stomach once and I struggled with it for long time. And he was a believer too! Today, Jensen has few good memories from childhood, and no pictures.

 The end.

Towards the end of the interview reveals Jensen something new. He has studied the signs and is increasingly convinced that humanity is in his last days on earth. The youths splitter their tongue as snakes and hangs after their skin in hooks from the ceiling. I've seen it on TV, says Jensen. The conflicting issue in Israel and the crisis in EU are also indicators of the coming end, he said. The decisive step towards end of the edge, and the beginning of the end, says Jensen, was the establishment of the WCC in 1944; A community of 349 churches. Here is the antichrist, says Jensen. The 67-year-old says that the time and place of the world is too arrogant to try and figure it out and not something that we ordinary people can achieve, but he is sure he will continue to be here at the end. Then he says, Jesus will collect His chosen ones and Jensen will be reencountering with the man who changed his life on a spring day in the Stabbur Street.
Written by
Sindre Sverdrup Strand In Tidens Krav Kristiansund

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