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  To the Miracle Magazine!

We will write and thank Per Einar Jensen for having done our boy Kent Andre healthy again. He is 9 years old. With the age of three years Kent was very ill. The ambulance took him to Karlshamns hospital. The doctor there thought Kent had meningitis, so we were sent to Karlskrona hospital. It turned out to be internal herpes in the mouth. It spread out in the way whitch Kent had huge blisters in the throat and lips. When we asked the doctor if Kent could be completely well again, we were told there was no cure for this virus and Kent could assume it came to break out every three months.

It was correct. Kent was very bad and he could neither eat nor drink for several days each time it broke out. He could not be with people, because herpes is very contagious before it aperture in blisters.

We moved to Sweden in 1984, but originally we are from Vardø in Finnmark. When we got the phone number to Per Einar at my aunt who lives in Vardø, called my husband to Per Einar in the year 1989.  

Now we are in the year 1993 and our boy has been healthy since. The doctor do not understands nothing, but I have been told Jesus through his servant Per has healed Kent. Thank you to Per Einar from family K..... We give Jesus all the glory.

Greetings from Mayliss in Sweden. 



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