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Lisbet Jensen 


I am a lady of 65 years old who have so much to thank God for. I was saved and baptized for 3 years ago. Later I got a disease in both my feet so I could not go without crutches. My brother Per Einar and I prayed and after 14 days I was completely healed. I could go and run up the stairs and I praise God for it.

In April 2007 I got a strong heart attack and heart failure. My brother Per Einar and his wife Aina prayed for me. Per Einar sent out prayer request over the Internet to a variety of believers the world over, and God intervened. At first, doctors would take baypass, then they were uncertained and would take a blocking. After some days they saw they did not need to do anything and I was sent home.

I am now healed in Jesus' name, no baypass, no blocking, no operation, for it was Jesus Christ who healed me through prayer.

All glory to Jesus Christ, as I praise Him. I have Him in my heart every day.


Lisbet Jensen

Written in Oslo 2008