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Wonderful day of baptism with Pastor Moses.

 January 25th 2013, we had masses baptism and afterwards we went to the amusement park. It is such a joyous day when someone is baptized and everyone is so happy, it's also a great joy in heaven. 
First it was meeting in the church before we went to the lake.
In the red shirt is Pastor Victor Nemi, next is the founder of ICM Bible Collage from Texas in America, Dr. Thomas Abraham, Dr. Per Einar Jensen and Dr. Sabu Joseph of Farm Land in the United States.
In the beginning there were very few who were there.
 Daddy, Krupa and Ramya with her son.
This is a pastor, but unfortunately I do not have his name. Daddy, Krupa and Dr. Moses.

Last time we were on this beach it was much witch powers. It was not now, but it could be that I had fasted for 25 days and was stronger spiritually, so I did not feel anything this time.



The fishermen had cleaned their nets and here they lay cleansed on the beach, ready for the next night.

Those who wanted to be baptized had to sit on their knees.
These are pastors.
Oh what a day. It is joy in heaven in a day like this.
   My beautiful Krupa!
   We had to go around and pray for those who would be baptized.
 It's a wonderful place.
Apostle Per Einar Jensen, I,Saradha and Pastor Moses.
 They are so beautiful!!
 Krupa where are you going, do you want to swim?
 Here is Kamala, soon it is time to get a little baby ...... I can nearly not wait.
   Hallelujah! What a wonderful day.
 Come on everyone, it is here it will happen .....
 Then it is just to start. Here is the first in place.
 This is my girl, she is handicapped but she is driving autoricha. I did not know she was'nt baptized so I was so surprised when she came out in the water. When she came out as far as I was, she called highly; "mummy to me. I took several pictures of her.
We thought the baptism was over, but it came more people who would be baptized. I have not taken pictures of all of them.
              Very strange, the whole congregation call us for daddy and mummy. As Krupa says; "what I call you will also the people call you, it is so strange." Private is Krupa calling me mom. (But no one knows anything about it. (Hush, do not tell anyone.)
                Here is Dr. Jensen standing in his wet stockings ......... :-)                                

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