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Miracle over phone in India!


This is Pastor Ralph and his wife Vinolyadevi. Vinolyadevi is sitting in a wheelchair today, but a few weeks ago she lay in the hospital and was very sick. We were in a children's party at Pastor Sion from Vizienagaram and his assistant at the orphanage and the church, Jessy Samuelraju Perci Sheeba gave the phone to Apostle Per Einar Jensen and he was asked to pray for her mother. Today we visited her and in the same moment as he prayed, did Jesus a miracle and she felt much better. Here she smiles happily and so does her husband. Pastor Ralph's grandparents were Christian and he is therefore the third generation Christians.


 First came Pastor Sion, Jessy Samuelraju Perci Sheeba and Pavani home to us to get us. Jessy is the daughter of Pastor Ralph and you will notice that she is an energetic Christian, determined and no wavering here. Pavani is a girl from the orphanage to Pastor Sion Raj Kumar. She lives there because she has just an old grandma which is worn-out and tired and unable to take care of her. And there is no school in her village. She's a really sweet girl. Polite, kind and helpful. I've seen that she has to help in the orphanage. There can be many potatoes to peel. 


I asked her to sit on the chair and she sat down gently. I'm so used to Krupa as also has become so accustomed to us that she would just sit right down. I was surprised when she was so careful in her movements.


So great dress Pavani was wearing with bright colors.


This is another daughter of Pastor Ralph, yes he actually has four daughters. Her name is Beulah. It is her son Deena and her daughter Daisy. And Pavani.





They had such a nice picture hanging on the wall of Jesus Christ.



Written May 1th, 2013

of Prophetess Aina Karin Jensen

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