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Our orphanage are building their own home. 

I remember Pastor Nagaraju called me once and he said he had a vision and it was that he came to get a house and it was through us. The donors have given enough money for this project and he has got his house for his orphanage in Bapatla in India. At last the vision becomes a reality. He has started the construction and we are so happy on their behalf.
Everything is done at the old fashion without using mechanical force and here they are putting together the iron which will be the pillars of the house.
They have been digging the holes where the beams should be in nearly 40 degree heat.
One of the pastors as Pastor Nagaraju knows is here to bless the ground where the house is being built.
Here we can see the water pump as we opened when we were there!
I can see for me that the children might have a hammock to relax in.
The children will be playing here...
Here it is activity!

The pillars is beginning to take hold.

I am sure I will get coffee when I come there.
Yes, now it begin to take shape.....
And here begins the wall outside the pillar to take place.

Here begins the wall to take shape around the pillars.

In the small houses behind live the fishermen.
Yes, see here now it really begins to go forward...
I called Pastor Nagaraju today (June 7th, 2011) and he said he should send me pictures.
The building looks like this, this evening. I am longing to come down and see it with my own eyes.
I know that our room is here some where and I will be sleeping here some times.
The pictures below is taken the 27.10.2011.
Written 4th Juni 2011.

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