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Pastor Abraham Lazer got a vision about us.

  Pastor Abraham Lazer 1


Suddenly we have got several visions of our Ministries and this one comes from Chennai, India.




Pastor Abraham Lazer from Chennai in India had a vision about the Miracle Jensens Welfare and Healing Ministries.

 [11/04/2011 7:13:30 p.m.]
Pastor Abraham Lazer:

 From the day I got to know you, I began to pray for all those who have connection with Miracle Jensens Healing Ministries.
 Dear father Per Einar, love greetings to you. Right now I finished my prayer. The Lord revealed to me about you and Miracle Jensens Welfare and Healing Ministries in India. God will do mighty miracles through the Crusades, he will wake up dead, by your prayers will the lame walk, the deaf will hear. All the people who are in bondage will be recovered in the name of Jesus. The Lord led me to say this to you. We are praying continually for you and Mom Aina. God bless you.

April 4, 2011


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