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PettI Wagner came back from the death!


By Petti Wagner, USA.

She was heir to a large fortune and was kidnapped, tortured and killed for her wealth. Yet she lives today. She was the victim of a ghastly murder plot, was beaten and tortured in a 10-day terrible wave of terror. Finally she was killed by electric shock. A doctor signed her death certificate. But by God’s wonder she is a live today.

The morning I died, I had no strength or will to fight when my three guards came into my room in the morning. Tor hit me in the head with something heavy when I did try. I could not see what he did, only knew the terrible pain. Halfway unconscious, I was drawn to the execution room again. They threw me on the cold steel bench as another animal carcass, tearing apart my clothing and attached the electrodes.

“240?” asked the nurse. “Exactly” said the little one. The click from the switch was the same the first time but the power did not disappear. It was not a new postponement. I could feel the electricity slam in the wires. The nostrils widened out by the smell of burnt flesh. I drowned immersed in a hysterical wave of battles as destroyed the brain cells. My body tense up in an arc and then fell together at the table. Before I died, my raven black hair was snow white; I was not prepared for such a phenomenon.

In a brief moment, I had a strange feeling of fire through my head. But it was no longer dark; no pain went through my sore and bruised body. I could see everything what happened, as if I was over the room. Motionless. I was safe for the terrifying trio who stood staring at my lifeless body.

The next moment I found myself a place which seemed like center of the universe. The light shone there, were of any comprehension. There were no dark shadows. Everything had a semblance of great glory. Although the feeling to go on a white cloud, there was solid ground under my feet when I walked. Above me the sky was so blue that I had never seen before. Every color, every detail was reinforced many times. A sparkled, magnetic force did I moved effortlessly. Thoughts attacked the brain at a rate as if the brain had been a tacit, absorbent sponge. Even without a mirror I noticed I was young again, beautiful without wrinkles, and with the raven black hair actually whipped around me in this heavenly atmosphere. I felt like I was twenty, young, casual with a jacket in a deep purple color. Human words cannot explain the flow of emotions and impressions. I could see the tow of the magnificent purple cloak as actually floated behind me. When I looked down through the thin fog-like layer, I still saw my body lying there on the steel bench with electrodes attached. The two guards stood and watched as the nurse took my pulse. She dropped the stethoscope and looked up with a speaking, evil grin on her face. Tor ripped off the electrodes and pulled a sheet over my head, it was a brutal end. I could see them rolling my dead body back to room 120.

I knew immediately they would give their masters message about the ending, and put the wheels in work to remove the corpse. But I was not outraged by what I saw. I hated them no longer. I had a complete peace far surpassed all the pain and suffering. My body was apparently dead, but I myself was more alive than ever before. Love and contentment flowed together in an eternal, complete sense of wellness. I knew now what I had heard as a child was the truth: “God is in his heaven, all is well with the world.”

I had everything I ever wanted. A feeling of peace shot through each cell in the body. There was no concern, no question. I seem to know where to go and what to do when I got there. But the most inexplicable was peace. Like most people, I’ve always wondered how it would be to die. I had heard the pastor describe the sky at the time I gave my heart to Jesus, but still. “Would I travell fast? Would I see any angels?” It had always been a little fear of the unknown. But here I was in perfect harmony with all that surrounded me. I do not know how long it took and pass from life to death. Time was of no importance here. Peace overwhelmed time. Suddenly a strong glow appeared, it was stronger than the light. Out of the glowing light was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. His shining cloak blinded my eyes. Around his waist, he had a belt that seemed to be made of gold. It was Jesus Christ! I had never thought anything of how he would look like. Yet I knew him again immediately. I knew who he was. His beard and the soft, brown, curly hair. He had the most compassionate face I have ever seen. His eyes shone through me, as if he saw everything and knew everything. The most strange was it seemed so right that I was with Him. A love that cannot be expressed flowed in between us.

It which filled my mind was peace and love, and the apparent absence of darkness. The moment came suddenly two chairs of the royal appearance from nowhere. No one brought them. They just suddenly were there. I got an immediate sense of being at home. Jesus in the one chair and I in the other. We looked at each other. We were so close, I could have touched him. But I did not. For some inexplicable reason, I felt one with Him. So far as the eye could see around us laid the fog-like clouds and the azure heaven. A pink-colored reefs environment the surroundings. I was filled with a great joy, a triumphant ecstasy that far surpassed anything in the world. It was like rush had caught the eternal truths in an instant, as I was a part of the same greatness as the Son of man sitting beside me. The fear of death had fallen from me like an old coat. He who sat by my side beamed out of love. I was speechless with awe, and waited he should say something. The entire heavenly atmosphere was like a huge garden, but I cannot remember I saw some flowers. It was the presence of God whitch overwhelmed everything else. I could not take my eyes from Him, yet I knew about everything around me. It was as if the brain was flooded by the knowledge and experience. We communicated for a while without a word. Then he looked past me and smiled down to earth. Finally, he spoke to me. Unforgettable words. “Would you be up here and work?” he asked. His voice cannot be described, but it looked like soft bells that rings in a perfect, melodic harmony. He continued: “Or would you like to go back to the earth?” Today it is you who should decide. Every time there is an interruption in the plan as the Heavenly Father has made for your life, you have a choice. “

In a moment, I cannot say how long, when time did not exist, I considered for and posterior. His presence had given me answers to so many, but this unknown was still difficult to answer. This to remain in God’s garden was the most exciting and inviting as I could imagine me. It was perfect peace, goodness and wisdom. It would undoubtedly be better for me to be here where the eternal love was living. There was no pain here. If I went back to the earth, it would mean to return to the bad roughed body in the stinking room where I was a prisoner without possibilities to escape. Yet I felt an attraction down there. It was a task who was not finished there. My children were not yet adults and independent. They still had a need for maternal love. Likewise, I had many plans whitch could be implemented. I thought of my parents. They were always some toilers who insisted we twelve kids always finished what we had begun. After school homework or household were done away, mother used to say: “You have the packaging ready, but you have to put the ribbon on!” She always mentioned these bands. When a job was done properly away, she gave us always praise: “It was a beautiful ending, what a nice red gift ribbon. Now you can put it away and get started with something new.”

This was the training as even took me to the ethereal dimension. “The plan for your life”, Jesus had said. When I looked back on life, I discovered how wonderful he had made sure the pieces fell into place for me. Even before I was born had he made the plans completed. I let the Lord into my child’s heart with the fifth year, it was no accident. Although the two Pentecostal friend ladies who prayed for me, was part of the plan. My struggles, my triumphs, my failures, my wealth, everything had happened with a purpose.

Suddenly I felt certainty he could make the ends to meet, no matter what my options were. Doing everything fully was instilled in me. When I looked back at my life I realized I really only had one choice. I looked at him. He beamed out of loving warmth. It was like we should be bound together with a spider web of golden threads. It felt like one thousand intravenous tubes filled my veins with love. I had no desire to leave him or his overwhelming care and kindness.  “My lord” I said, and was almost surprised I knew that Jesus was my Lord. “My work on earth is not ready”. I must tie many red ribbons around the gift packages, before my job is done.”

He knew, even before I said anything, what I meant. I did not need to explain my decision. He understood. Suddenly I was back. At one moment I was back on earth, so I had chosen. I was transferred from the royal chair in heaven to the bed in room 120. There I lay almost lifeless, without the purple suit with a blouse and pants who once had been beautiful, but which was now stained with blood and sweat. The sheet was still over my head. I had left the heavenly dimension to get back to the little room where it smelled from the corner where I was forced  to do the necessary in ten days. Suddenly I noticed the flood of strange words from my mouth. The language was not unlike the two Pentecostal sisters had used when they prayed for me in my teens.




Written November 11th, 2007

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