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Prophecy from Apostle Juanita Chandler.

   Apostle Juanita Chandler  

I have received prophecy from Apostle Juanita Chandler yesterday, July 3, 2013. I am quite surprised to suddenly get three prophecies within one week.



Apostle Juanita Chandler5



God bless you, woman of confidence. I thank God for you and for your level in transition in your ministry. The Lord is ready to show you confidence to some secret things to come, in His appointed time. He loves you because you love Him. You shall not be shaken for the things that you are about to hear and see. God is calling you for you to be a witness of things to come.

Feel the atmosphere changing because the war is at the soul. My sister collect all the souls you can, for the harvest is ripe. May the Lord bless the man of God that is in your life, for gosh you're blessed with knowledge in the revelation for the hungry souls who are at hand.

Pray for each other as never before for you shall be given the key to the enemy camp to snatch up the condition where there is no hope. May the peace and love of God always be with you my sister and my brother. God bless you.


Apostle Juanita Chandler 2



I have been given permission by Apostle Juanita Chandler to put it on the website.

Written 4th July 2013.




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