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Prophecy from Apostle Kiplon Laroyce Taylor!


Apostle and Prophet giant Kiplon Taylor from Denver, Colorado, resident of East Point, Georgia in America got a prophecy to Apostle Per Einar Jensen: 





 [28.09.2013 18:32:06]

Apostle Kiplon Laroyce Taylor:

Man of God, the enemy has no power over you, your wife or your ministry.... it is sound.

Stay on your course and the fame of your ministry will be realized and all will know

of the power of God that resginates in and through you. Promotion is coming and your

work is not in vain.



Apostle and Prophet Taylor grew up in Denver, Colorado, but living in East Point, Georgia in America.

  You will also find him at:

  http://www.gaoci.org http://twitter.com/KiplonTaylor

Apostle Taylor is One who loves God. A prophet on assignment to be what God has ordained.

Published author, Chief Apostle of Gods Army of Churches, Inc.




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Per Einar Jensen


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