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Prophecy from Prophet Greg Jackley November 2013!

We had just returned from Bristol with new anointing and new vitality and then I find this in my inbox on facebook from Prophet Greg Jackley. He writes that he wrote this in the guestbook on our website and I expect that I can put it up here. You can find Profet Greg Jackley on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/greg.yackley

Greg Jackley and his daughter.




I pray for the Fathers blessing upon your ministry! That the fresh oil of heaven will come upon both of you and the fire will spread in and through the nations of the earth.. India, Pakistan, throughout Africa and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

God is even now enlarging your territory and I see it like a blanket covering different parts of the globe.. He has given you a new key this day and time to unlock the hidden places and the lost times. You will redeem the time lost and be able to accomplish double in less time.

I see a great harvest and some huge crusades with tens of thousands taking place in the land of india.. While you speak great healing angels will come above the crowds. People will open eyes and ears immediatly. Healings will manifest by way of even your simple obediance to His word. Even at this hour there is more anointing being imparted to you both and I see plane tickets being purchased.. the Lord says to prepare yourself for a great turn around and that the page of the book will be turned..

Do not look neither to the right or to the left because I will guide your steps and make a way... Focus upon me and I will indeed manifest myself before your eyes just as when you were young and at your start.. Im bringing back those days when things seemed to be easy and I will shut down the blockages and voices that have come to condemn.
The spirit of witchcraft will be silenced and defeated as im sending now new angelic protection for you both and for ministry related activity.. they will be sent on ahead and will lessen the storm..

Bless You Both.. Love You, Greg

Love you too!


Greg Jackley and his wife.


 November 2013

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