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Prophecy from Rev. Doug Mohr.

Doug Mohr2  

Doug Mohr3

Dear Aina,

Your husband is a friend on Net Log with me. I was looking at your web site of the University as God has had you to start and the Lord gave me a Word for you:
"I am taking you deeper into my river of miracles for I shall give you a series of teachings on how to hear My voice and walk in the miraculous. And I will use you to raise up many prophetic sons and daughters. And their ministries shall far exceed the ministry that I have given you."
"And if you walk humbly before Me and give Me all the glory then I will make you and your husband name known through the medium of TV. For you shall have a show called, "Voice of Miracles" where multitudes will come into My kingdom through mighty signs and wonders. The enemy shall fight the launching of this program and it will seem like it will not manifest, but I shall give you some unusual mighty financial miracles to make it possible."
God is going to give you a season of visions and dreams and you must write them down for you shall publish several books based on these dreams and visions.
"And favor is coming upon you to minister prophetically to leaders that will seek the word of wisdom that I am increasing in your life, which will open up for favor in the conferences and crusades that you and your will do in the coming days." Thus Says the Lord.


Doug Mohr1


Our website is http://www.itstimeforrevival.com

I want to like to take contact with you and your husband. What is the best telephone number to reach you.

May God bless you,

Rev. Doug Mohr


Acts 10:38


Doug Mohr4


A few days later I received a call from the world wide Apostle and Prophet Doug Mohr, from New York. Guess though I was surprised. He prophecied several cases and the Holy Spirit was so strong present, that I froze and the hair stood up on my arms. I have received permission from Prophet Doug Mohr to put the letter on the website.

Written 3 July 2013 of Aina Karin Jensen



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