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Prophecy from Senior Apostle Dr. Sedeville Angami!

Sedeville Angami



We have got several prophecies about us today!
Apostle, Pastor, Dr. Sedeville Angami from Nagaland in India has also had a vision about us.

He and his pastors saw the same vision.

While I was in Sikkim, we prayed together with all the pastors for you and God showed us the vision of mom Aina and you. Mom Aina was wearing white clothes that gleamed like the sun. Her face was shining like gold, and from her back it came out pure gold, which means she will receive gifts from the Holy Spirit and we prayed and God told us that it means that God is calling you and Mom Aina. Please read what the Lord showed me about you and Mom Aina. It was not the only one who saw the vision for you and Mom Aina, but all pastors in Sikkim. As Makedonia called on Paul for his service, so make Sikkim to you apostle. Hallelujah.  

From senior Apostle Dr. Sedeville Angami

Written November 5th, 2011
Written 5th November 2011

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