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Prophecy from Tunda Wannamaker!






 Prophetess Tunda Wannamaker


Prophetess Tunda Wannamaker is a facebook friend of me.

She is a Prophetess and councelor and she got this prophecy to me the day after my birthday......... 

With authorisation from Prophetess Tunda Wannamaker have I put it up on the webpage.
You are such a beautiful spirit...GOD is opening many more doors for you to go through...none will be forced...you dont have to seek them...they are seeking you...the more you do His will, the more his will, will be done unto you...

Grace and favor are your and peace is your armour...you are surrounded with an army of angels...you carry healing in your hands and your spirit is light and intune in this season...a mighty woman of GOD you are...

Your birthday was a shifting of a birthing that He has released to the end time prophets...you are a worshipper and a prayer warrior...your words shift the atmosphere... your presence cause the enemy scatter...you show up and your presence....takes over.....its from deep within that GOD reveals to you...

Not many understand,...not many can teach you...you have a deep revelation and its getting deeper in this season...get ready to fly....
Prophetess Tunda Wannamaker can you find on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tunda.wannamaker/


September 20th, 2013 @ 12:52


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