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Prophecy of Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan




Dr. Per Einar Jensen, now will the Lord take you to a place of transformation in your own conversations says the Lord, you get into that position now. You will consider some traveling to be done, and by moving further into that area on that place I will give you confidence to do new actions for your own personal life. You're going to consider doing something out of the ordinary saith the Lord. It's going to be the season when you are going to make a difference in many lives and you will touch in a very dynamic way says the Lord. This is the season that you will go out and eat with new people and start doing new things that bring you into the reward that I have summoned you says the Lord.

You will begin to see the difference in your conversations instead of having conversations with descriptions, you will have conversations that will create completely new future says the Lord. This is going to be the season that I will make you proactive instead of reactive says the Lord who teaches you how to become the cause in all cases saith the Lord. In this session, you will be the solution to your problem. There is a child around you and you are going to help the groom to discover their hidden abilities. Do not hold back in this action, it is only going to strengthen your faith at this time and the results you will see will be a sign on the small actions that have already begun.

from Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan


 Feb 7, 2015 @ 12:22


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