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Prophet Greg Jackley, July 3th, 2013.

Greg Jackley3

Greg Yackley:

Many services will be born through this revolution. I see the Lord move people through His Spirit and put them in classrooms. Supernaturalbeings sent by God teaches things.

The Lord uses some great men and women of God for this work .. I see the prophetic flow will be very strong and a prophetic school will be taught there. 2014 will establish many different programs than what is already there now.

There will be students who are sent to the university from three other nations to be taught.. The communication of the spirit will be very strong,and they will send executives to school to get this fire of the spirit .. You will get thousands of lives affected even in the first year.

Greg Yackley:

Please share the word I hear from God.

Greg Jackley6

This prophecy I received yesterday July 3, 2013 at the message on Facebook. Thank you Prophet Greg Yackley, of course I will put it up on the website.

Greg Jackley4

Greg Jackley6

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