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Odell Federick

Gods servant Odell Federick was born in May 30/31 at 12.00 pm in 1925 in Carthage MS U.S., as the last of 5 boys in his family. His mother said that when he was born, she heard from the sky, heavenly music. After he was born he screamed constantly. The mother took him to the doctor to find out what was wrong with him. One day, a friend to his mother was on a visit, which also concerned her very much to hear the screaming baby. She said that she had heard a voice that spoke to her and that the baby was screaming for a guitar. But the mother did not take this serious, but in any case, the older brother got hold of a guitar and started and play on it. Odell Federick that little baby stopped crying and he crawled away to the guitar, smiled and let his head on it and fell asleep, and he had the print in the face from the strings for 3 days.
Another strange thing was that with this baby, he could make movement with his feet, completely in line with the rhythm of the music.  

I just have to say that without my dear Odell Federicks music for 10 years, I don't know how I would have survived through all the witchcraft which has been sent on me (Aina) and tried to kill me. I am looking forward to meet him when I get home to heaven.


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