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Roald Jensens recovery from different sicknesses.    



My name is Roald Jensen from Salangen in northern Norway. I will briefly tell about how the Lord Jesus Christ came into my life, and what He has done for me. During the winter 1982, I was out one evening and shoveling snow. It was dark, cloudy and snowing, when suddenly it was bright as the brightest day around me. I was totally surprised and went in and told my parents. I had been much troubled with high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and other physical ailments. I used medicine against high blood pressure.

In autumn 1989, we saw a small advertisement about intercessory prayer. I called the number which was written, and talked with Per Einar Jensen from Kristiansund on the phone. He prayed for my mother and me, and I was better. I had almost no strength and was so powerless of the diabetes.

During the winter of 1990 had my mother and I flu and she called to Per Einar Jensen in the evening, but it was only an answering machine. At night, my mother had a vision where she saw Per Einar Jensen standing alive in front of her where she lay. He had the Bible in his hand, and he went in to me in the other room where I was. This evening I felt a warm hand touching my neck. I had prayed and thought alot on Per Einar Jensen that night.

The morning after we stood up and the flu and sore throat was gone. Later that year, I was painting inside the house, and I listened to a tape in which Per Einar Jensen asked the witness about Jesus. Suddenly I felt the Holy Spirit flow through me, from head to feet. There and then I was set free from high blood pressure and diabetes. I went to my doctor and got checked and the blood pressure was normal. The doctor said I had to stop the medication which I already had done. God had come into my life and taken away the disease and changed my life and saved me.

 A few years later came Jensen to North Norway, and I was baptized in the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts.2.38. I have received a gift from the Lord, and many have contacted me for healing. I have received many positive messages back. I just want to emphasize God shall have all the glory for what he has done, and praised be His name. It was on the cross at Calvary, the price was paid for us.

Yours Evangelist

Roald Jensen.




Husøysund 2007



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