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Miracle Jensen Welfare and Healing Ministries have had baptism under Prophet Tor Egil Nilsen at Sellvågan near by Sjøvegan.

Ronny Larsen with his baptism certificate in his hands. He is married to Ekaterina S Larsen.

Prophet Tor Egil Nilsen baptized him after Act. 2:38 and Matteus 28:18.

Dr. Apostle Per Einar Jensen got a sms from one in the family which do not like that we have written Prophet about Tor Egil Nilsen. This person wrote a scolding to Apostle Dr. Per Einar Jensen.

Prophet Tor Egil Nilsen has been living with us for 4 1/2 year through thick and thin. He has had to go through many mental power fights with us from the spirituel world. It has not been easy for him. Besides, he has been in Miracle Jensen's Ministries for 28 years. Don't you know that God uses people which is nothing in themself and Tor Egil Nilsen is strongly used by God. Many diseases have Jesus healed through him.  

 I went in on the Facebook page and I could feel the Satanic atmosphere from the person concerned. In the hope about that this person get other thoughts about us because God says that no one can touch his prophets.


 Prophet Tor Egil Nilsen was up to North Norway to pick cloudberry and to give baptism.It was rainy weather almost the whole month he was there. But on the day Ronny Larsen was baptized it was nice weather while they did it. When they stared to drive home again, it started to rain again.


They stopped on the road and called us and Dr. Apostle Per Einar Jensen prayed sincerely for Ronny Larsen.





Ronny Larsen felt as he got the old skin scrubbed away. It was cold, but it was hot under the water. He felt such a heat after the baptism. Obidience is more than sacrifice. It was like he was born again. "All the old life felt like it was gone and he had it good with himself afterwards." says Ronny Larsen.





These two seemed that they are quite similar and both have had a thoug life.



 Written of Aina karin Jensen

September 7th, 2017

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