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I am not sure who this is, but my husband is friend with some one with the name Sheila Starghill on Facebook. We have got this for many years ago.



So I'm going to say to you: "take this town for me if necessary, let it be just you and me,

I am more than enough for you.

Still I have the calling on you and you alone to build for me,

But I'm going to send help from the sanctuary.

No one else is called to this, besides you,

You are the man of the hour for this mission, a visionary.

The people will follow you, as you follow me,

You are the called one, the one who is called out of me,

The one called out of me to make this work for this city.

We have a divine appointment, you and I.

Cut loose some of they who defy you, and do not want to set up with me.

Cut loose some of those who want to play, they will not continue to pay day.

Cut loose some of those who want to change the plan and give the credit to the people.

Cut loose some of them who includes sin, it will cause a delay and dirty work from your hand.

These things shall happen through you, but by me.

I have called you to take this city for me because of the purity of your hands.

Can't you see people running in fear and those who are still there, look to you.

It is because of the tremendous anointing that is on this vision for me.

Like when I called David's son to build a city for me,

So I call the son of your father, to build for me.

Is something hard for me? As such, it is not too difficult for you.

You shall not advertise to your enemy that you are tired.

This day is a fresh new anointing for the strength to be good fortune over you.

You should not be tired, you will be running like a herd and jump over a mountain.

Your energy is going to be renewed and you will be as you were when you were twenty.

Your mate, too, will be ruled forward with renewed energy, all given by me designed to give you a lot,

to support the work of the vision.

You are going to bounce like a fresh new ball, no lack of elasticity should be found in you and on

their faces should be a new light,

So bright that many will turn away, but it's going to be me, who have done this for you,

I lift you to a higher level, newer and I myself will propel you to great new heights for the work given you.

Once you have taken the city, then you should 
take the nation, and you are not going to sell out as others have done.

You will shine as bright as the Sun for you have found favor in me.

I am in the heart of glories. God bless you.

As it was prophesied to prophetess Sheila STARGHILL

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