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The fingers in between the door.

 Our spiritual son, Anil Kumar Varanasi got his fingers in between the door in the car.

 Anil sat down in the car and he could nearly not breathe because the pain was so terrible. He thought his fingers was broken and cut off.
"I ...should shut the door and I did it thoroughly and I did not see that Anil had his four fingers in between the door. Anil, my wife and I, heard a crack, like bon's was broken". said Apostle Per Einar Jensen.
  God did a miracle when all in the staff in Miraclejensen Ministries praied for him. The day after was Anil a little bit stiff in the fingers, but two days after, all the stiffness and marks after the door was gone. 
    Hallelujah, all the honour has Jesus Christ the big healer and savior.
 Written 31 July 2012

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