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The testimony of Per Halvard Ekrem.



My name is Per Halvard Ekrem and I am from Vesterålen. I shall now try to tell you from my life before and after I got Jesus in my heart.

I grew up with my grandmother. When I was little, there was much drunkenness and riot, and I was beaten and mistreated. My grandfather put a wash cloth in my mouth when I screamed at the most. When I was 9-10 years old, I started digging and worked in a stone quarry which was in between the houses. But I was also beaten a lot of the time and bothered with ear infections.

I was familiar with alcohol when I was in 17-18th years old. Some people said it did not matter if I drank because I was an adult. So I drank and one evening I was very bad, because I had been drinking for several consecutive months.

I play accordion, organ and some guitar. I began playing when I was 10 years old and now I'm 40, the other wanted me to play to dance for them. So I've played for a while. My parents knew some Christian friends who used to be much with us.

I met a girl and we got married and we have 2 children. Through my parents-in-law, it happened in this way. A night they came and asked if I wanted to be with them to some Christian friends as we knew. They were gone to the caravan, and we also went there. At that time I was tired of drunkenness. When I came into the caravan, Peter asked me if I would be saved. I replied I really wanted to. And that night I took against Jesus Christ as my Savior, Amen. And it was in 1989. A little while later I was baptized in the Babtist Church.

After 2-4 years, a man named Per Einar Jensen, came and held a meeting here. My friend and I went to the meeting and a little later in the evening there was a strong anointing in the room. When he took his hands on us we were completely powerless and staggered around. My friend went over a chair and I fell on the floor. I was lying next to a girl who also fell on the floor and later she became my wife. But I did not know it then, that she would become my wife. Later whould my friend and I go out to take a cigarette, but we did not go so fare before we fell in Gods power down on the floor again. And it was power in it. Finally I will just say Jesus loves everyone. God bless you all.

Sincerely, Evangelist Per Halvard Ekrem




Written in Husøysund 2007






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