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Tor Egil Nilsen was healed for pain in the stomach!


Testimony of Tor Egil Nilsen from Bardu in North Norway. I will tell you briefly what I have experienced and how I got to experience what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me.

In 1989, I saw an advertisement in the magazine "Nordlys ", were Per Einar Jensen prayed for the sick.

In the workplace, in my meal break I called the number which were defined and asked Per Einar Jensen if he could pray for my problems as I had in my stomach. I knew then God touched me and I was a little nauseous afterwards.

On subsequent occasions I called to Per Einar Jensen and have been praied for and has been healed.

At a meeting in 1994 which Per Einar had, I was baptized in the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts.2.38.

I have experienced great things from God through this service as God has given me through Jensen's prophetic vocation. I have taken against Jesus Christ, to salvation and healing in His honor and have seen He as He is and I still do.

God has given me the task and services to pray for the sick and suffering with positive feedback. It is the glory to Jesus Christs Name and to His honor through the atonement and the finished work on Calvary's cross.

Evangelist Tor Egil Nilsen



Written Oslo 2008




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